New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 158
Apples; Adoption of Grades; Branding

The commissioner is hereby authorized and empowered, after investigation and public hearing, to fix and promulgate official standards for grading and classifying apples packed or repacked within the state, and to change any of them from time to time. In establishing such standards he shall take into account the factors of maturity, soundness, color and shape. The official standards so fixed and promulgated shall not be lower in their requirements than the minimum requirements of the official standards for corresponding grades of apples as promulgated from time to time by the secretary of agriculture of the United States, which standards are commonly known as the “United States grades.” Each closed package of apples, when sold, exposed for sale or transported for sale, shall be plainly and conspicuously branded to show:






Minimum diameter or numerical count.


Quantity of contents.


Name and address of packer or repacker. If the true name of the variety is not known to the packer or repacker, the statement shall include the words “variety unknown” in place of the name of the variety. In case the branding upon any closed package of apples is changed, the person making the change shall cancel the name and address of the original packer and substitute therefor his own name and address.

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