New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 146-A
Inspection, Sampling, Analysis


It shall be the duty of the commissioner, who may act through his authorized agent, to sample, inspect, and analyze commercial fertilizers distributed within this state at such time and place and to the extent he may deem necessary to determine whether such commercial fertilizers are in compliance with the provisions of this act. A sample to be designated an official sample shall be divided into two representative samples, each sealed, and one of such sealed samples shall be tendered, and if accepted, delivered to the custodian of the product; the other sample the commissioner shall analyze or cause to be analyzed. The methods of sampling and analysis shall be those the commissioner may require by regulation and which may be based on methods recommended in publications such as that of the association of official analytical chemists.


The results of the analysis of such sample shall be reported to the licensee within ninety days of the date of sampling and the commissioner shall publish or cause to be published at least annually a summary of all analyses made, together with such additional information as circumstances advise.

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