New York Public Health Law
Sec. § 2100
Communicable Diseases; Local Boards of Health and Health Officers; Powers and Duties

§ 2100. Communicable diseases; local boards of health and health officers; powers and duties.


Every local board of health and every health officer shall guard against the introduction of such communicable diseases as are designated in the sanitary code, by the exercise of proper and vigilant medical inspection and control of all persons and things infected with or exposed to such diseases.


Every local board of health and every health officer may:


provide for care and isolation of cases of communicable disease in a hospital or elsewhere when necessary for protection of the public health and, (b) subject to the provisions of the sanitary code, prohibit and prevent all intercourse and communication with or use of infected premises, places and things, and require, and if necessary, provide the means for the thorough purification and cleansing of the same before general intercourse with the same or use thereof shall be allowed.
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