N.Y. Employers' Liability Law Section 10
Amount of compensation

  • persons entitled
  • physical examination

The amount of compensation under the plan shall be:


In case death results from injury:


If the employee leaves a widow or next of kin at the time of his death wholly dependent on his earnings, a sum equal to twelve hundred times the daily earnings of the employee at the rate at which he was being paid by the employer at the time of the accident, but not more in any event than three thousand dollars. Any weekly payments previously made under the plan shall be deducted in ascertaining such amount payable on death.


If such widow or next of kin or any of them are in part only dependent upon his earnings, such sum not exceeding that provided in subdivision a as may be determined to be reasonable and proportionate to the injury to such dependents.


If he leaves no widow, or next of kin so dependent in whole or in part, the reasonable expenses of his medical attendance and burial, not exceeding one hundred dollars. Whatever sum may be determined to be payable under the plan, in case of death of the injured employee, shall be paid to his legal representative for the benefit of such dependents, or if he leaves no such dependents, for the benefit of the person to whom the expenses of medical attendance and burial are due.


Where total or partial incapacity for work at any gainful employment results to the employee from the injury, a weekly payment commencing at the end of the second week after the injury and continuing during incapacity, subject as herein provided, not exceeding fifty per centum of his average weekly earnings when at work on full time during the preceding year during which he shall have been in the employment of the same employer, or if he shall have been employed less than a year, then a weekly payment of not exceeding three times the average daily earnings on full time for such less period. In fixing the amount of the weekly payment, regard shall be had to any payment, allowance or benefit which the workman may have received from the employer during the period of his incapacity, and in the case of partial incapacity the weekly payment shall in no case exceed the difference between the amount of the average weekly earnings of the workman before the accident and the average amount which he is earning or is able to earn in some suitable employment or business after the accident, but shall amount to one-half of such difference. In no event shall any weekly payment payable under the plan exceed ten dollars per week or extend over more than eight years from the date of the accident. Any person entitled to receive weekly payments under the plan is required, if requested by the employer, to submit himself for examination by a duly qualified medical practitioner or surgeon provided and paid for by the employer, at a time and place reasonably convenient for the employee, within three weeks after the injury, and thereafter at intervals not oftener than once in six weeks. If the workman refuses so to submit, or obstructs the same, his right to weekly payments shall be suspended until such examination shall have taken place, and no compensation shall be payable under the plan during such period. In case an injured employee shall be mentally incompetent at the time when any right or privilege accrues to him under the plan, a committee or guardian of the incompetent, appointed pursuant to law, may, on behalf of such incompetent, claim and exercise any such right or privilege with the same force and effect as if the employee himself had been competent and had claimed or exercised any such right or privilege; and no limitation of time herein provided for shall run so long as said incompetent employee has no committee or guardian. In case an injured employee shall be under a substantial impairment within the meaning of the conservatorship provisions of article seventy-seven of the mental hygiene law at the time when any property right accrues to him under the plan, a conservator, appointed pursuant to law, may, on behalf of such conservatee, claim and exercise any property right with the same force and effect as if the employee had been capable of managing his affairs and had claimed such right; and no limitation of time herein provided shall run so long as said employee has no conservator.

Source: Section 10 — Amount of compensation; persons entitled; physical examination, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/EML/10 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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