New York Public Service Law
Sec. § 143*2
Hearing on Application for a Certificate


Upon the receipt of an application complying with section one hundred forty-two, the chairman shall promptly fix a date for the commencement of a public hearing thereon not less than one hundred eighty nor more than two hundred ten days after such receipt. The place of the hearings shall be designated by the presiding examiner, except that hearings of sufficient duration to provide adequate opportunity to hear direct evidence and rebuttal evidence from residents of the area of the applicants primary proposed location for the major steam electric generating facility shall be held in such area.


On an application for an amendment of a certificate proposing a change in the facility likely to result in any material increase in any environmental impact of the facility or a substantial change in the location of all or a portion of such facility, a hearing shall be held in the same manner as a hearing is held on an application for a certificate. The commission shall promulgate rules, regulations, and standards under which it shall determine whether hearings are required under this subdivision and shall make such determination. * NB Expired January 1, 1979 * NB Operative with regard to applications filed on or before December 31, 1978 * NB There are 2 143s
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