New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law

Sec. § 3.15
Shared Use Space Grant


Within amounts appropriated or made available, the council shall develop and maintain a pilot grant program for the purposes of helping working artists secure shared use facilities in the cities of Rochester, Syracuse, Kingston and New York.


For purposes of this section, the term “shared use facility” shall mean a space which provides an artist either studio, performance or gallery space in which to practice or display his or her art form, and living quarters that meet all applicable local and state housing ordinances and statutes.


Grants authorized pursuant to this section shall be for a two-year term, and may cover any portion of rent or lease payments necessary to secure a shared use facility, but shall not exceed twelve thousand dollars. No grant provided pursuant to a cooperative agreement between multiple artists shall exceed twenty thousand dollars. Community arts organizations shall be eligible for a two-year grant, not to exceed twenty thousand dollars, to assist artists in establishing or maintaining shared use facilities. Arts organizations may use grant funds for organization efforts that provide assistance to artists in the form of shared use production or performance space and as direct financial assistance for artists renting shared use facilities.


Special consideration shall be given to cooperative agreements between multiple artists provided that each artist on such application fully utilizes such shared use facilities for studio, performance or gallery space and as living quarters.


The council shall annually report to the mayors of the cities of Rochester, Syracuse, Kingston, and New York regarding the impact of the pilot grant program established by this section on the arts community in each such city. Information to be included in each such report shall include, but shall not be limited to, the number of applications for grants that were received by the council for each city, the number of grants awarded to artists in each city, the total dollar amount of grants awarded in each city, the increase in the number of artists living in such city, a general statement setting forth the overall effect that the provisions of this section have had on preserving artistic influence in such city and any other information that the council determines to be relevant. * NB Repealed December 31, 2016

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