New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 169-D
Apiary Industry Advisory Committee


There is hereby established within the department an apiary industry advisory committee which shall consist of no more than fifteen members to be appointed by the commissioner on the basis of their experience and expertise in the apiary industry. Of the members so appointed, at least two members shall represent each of the three sectors of the apiary industry, commercial beekeepers, part-time beekeepers and hobbyist beekeepers; at least one member shall represent the horticulture or vegetable industry and one member shall be an officer or employee of the Cornell cooperative extension service. Members shall be appointed for a term of three years and may serve until their successors are chosen provided, however, that of the members first appointed, five shall serve for a term of one year, five shall serve for a term of two years, and five shall serve for a term of three years. Members shall serve without salary. A chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote of members of the committee.


The duties and responsibilities of the apiary industry advisory committee shall include providing advice, comments and recommendations to the commissioner in regard to state government plans, policies and programs affecting the apiary industry and such other matters as the commissioner may request in relation to this article.


The advisory committee shall meet at least once annually at times and places set by the commissioner.


The commissioner may ask other individuals to attend the committee’s meetings or work with it on an occasional or regular basis.

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